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"I've tried a lot of self-organization techniques. TimeHero is a productivity solution that works."

Intelligent Task Scheduling

Add a task and TimeHero instantly prioritizes and schedules it between your meetings. Once the scheduled time passes, TimeHero automatically follows up.

Intelligent task scheduling

Connect all of your calendars

Seamlessly import and edit events from GSuite, Google Calendar, Office 365, Exchange, and more.

TimeHero integrates with G Suite, Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange and Office 365

Keep projects on track

See where you're at with all your projects, know you're behind before you're overdue, and bring projects on track before it's too late.

Keep your projects on track with TimeHero
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Intelligent, automated agenda

Don’t waste time deciding what to do next – just do it. Instant productivity. TimeHero automatically manages your time for you and keeps you on track.

Easy to use

Designed from the ground up to be simple, yet powerful. Add tasks and events using natural language.

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