Task Planning
for busy people and teams.

TimeHero automates and plans tasks around your life and adapts easily when things change.

Dynamic Task Scheduling

TimeHero understands that sometimes things change. Deadlines get pushed and new events pop up. TimeHero reacts by intelligently moving things around to fit with your new day or week.


Add tasks the way you think about them.

People love lists but they don’t help us figure out when to do the work. With TimeHero you can easily input your tasks, adding durations, due dates and assignees using our natural language task sentence. TimeHero will then find the time in your schedule and tell you when to do the work.

Due dates aren’t enough.

Most other Task Managers or To-Do lists only focus on the due date – not when to actually work on the task. Unfortunately that is left for you to figure out yourself. With TimeHero tasks are planned as soon as you add an estimate for how long something will take. Due dates help prioritize against other tasks.


Build task plans that schedule and assign automatically!

Processes are the foundation of any successful company. TimeHero makes creating and modifying repeatable processes as easy as writing a list. The Plan Builder lets you assign task durations, relative start and due dates, events, decision points and responsibilities. You only have to build a plan once then initiate it from a folder or workgroup and it will populate your agenda automatically. What used to take hours, now takes minutes.


Finally know how busy you are.

Know how much work you have to do and how likely you are to meet your deadlines with TimeHeros Health Meter. The Health Meter provides you honest, realtime feedback and an actual ‘score’ when it comes to how much work you have to do, how likely you are to meet current deadlines and whether you should bring in a colleague to help.

Your Team Connected

Great teams can accomplish anything. Working together toward success means clear communication regarding roles, responsibilities and timelines. Whether it’s coordinating multiple projects, sharing automated plans or managing group timelines, TimeHero puts all team members on the same page, ensuring targets are met and delivered on time.


Run your life on the go.

Life takes place where ever you are, if you aren’t always sitting at your desk TimeHero is available for your IOS device. Add and schedule new tasks using the natural language task sentence, update something you just finished or create a new plan right from your iPhone. (Android & Blackberry coming soon)


Life + Work

Throughout the day you wear multiple hats. TimeHero captures and plans all of the things you need to do, keeping the different aspects of your life separate — while managing those passions that bring you happiness. That means more time doing what needs to be done and less time thinking and stressing about what needs to be done.


Know WHEN to do the work.

Lists alone don’t help you get things done. Controlling and automating your time does.

Powerful Task Management

Create unlimited folders and lists to help organize your tasks. Use multiple workgroups to manage and schedule your personal time, work time and side projects.

Adaptive Task Scheduling

TimeHero automatically and intelligently flows into the appropriate time blocks and around events and connected calendars. You never have to plan your day – it’s done for you.

Automate Processes

Map your processes and add triggers to schedule projects automatically. Even pre-assign tasks to team members. Start a template whenever you like – a whole year for a client could be scheduled within seconds!

Meet the Team

We are a passionate team of designers, developers and marketing experts with headquarters in Canada.

Bernie Aho

Co-Founder & CEO. A seasoned product manager, entrepreneur and UI/UX designer. Bernie has over 18 years experience in technology startups and most recently co-founded Concept Share, one of the leaders in Creative Business Operations. Bernie spearheads the design and user experience team at TimeHero.

Sarah Paajanen

Co-Founder & CTO. Sarah has over 10 years experience developing and architecting software products. A Math Graduate from the University of Waterloo, Sarah previously worked as a product manager and technical lead for various software companies before co-founding TimeHero.

Scott Brooks

Co-Founder & Chief Platform Officer
TimeHero’s tireless evangelist and conduit for the customer into the product, Scott is TimeHero’s CPO. Most recently, Scott has worked at FreshBooks and is an innovator who strives to find people, opportunities and environments that stimulate creativity and lead to new ideas. TimeHero is his second startup.

Steve Fisher

Steve is a Graphic Design graduate with strong design knowledge and front-end development skills. He is TimeHero’s Front-end Developer responsible for creating and designing user interfaces and developing the look-and-feel of TimeHero.

Lisa Aho

With over 16 years experience in the financial industry, Lisa is TimeHero’s Operations Manager. She has extensive experience managing businesses before joining TimeHero, her first venture into the tech industry.

Emily Franceschini

A graduate of Communications Studies at Laurentian University, Emily is TimeHero’s Marketing Manager . She has worked previously as an executive editor and project manager before joining TimeHero where she oversees the marketing activities for the company.

Emily Bamsey

Emily is a recent graduate of B. Computer Science with a specialization in Game Design from Laurentian University. She has worked in the tech industry for just over 3 years as a Technology Assistant before joining TimeHero as a Web Application Developer.

Francesca Anderson

Francesca is a TimeHero copywriter working remotely from NYC. She’s a graduate of McGill University and Toronto’s Institute without Boundaries, and is thrilled to combine her experience in writing and design at TimeHero.